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Fianna EP - description

Fianna is the first EP from the duo The SIDH, previously formed by the two founders of the Project: Iain Alexander Marr & Frederick Melato. The Ep (no longer available) has 5 Promotional Sets prepared by the two boys, which display the union of modern music (Hip Hop, Dance, etc.) with Celtic music. The album was recorded 7 months after the birth of the project and was a great succes

Songs' descriptions
21 Secolo ("Dansa Pa Dessù the Fen" / Trad / - "Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay" / Trad /)

21 Secolo entitles the set of songs that were chosen as the soundtrack for the promotional video of the famous Festival CELTICA Valle d'Aosta, in 2011. This track was inspired by a desire to celebrate the joint heritage of Federico and Iain (Valle d'Aosta & Scotland). As such, two tunes were choosenDansa Pa Dessù the Fen, from tradition of the Aosta Valley, reinterpreted and rearranged by Federico and Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay, from the Scottish tradition.  Arranged and joined together they are entitled 21 Secolo.

300 Km ("The Bunny's Hat" / Dave Lim / - "The Homer's Reel" / Michael McGoldrick - "The Asturian Way" / Brian Finnegan)

This set is a little tribute to Brian Finnegan and Michael McGoldrick, two well-known Whistlers and idols of Iain’s. The Bunny's Hat was written by Dave Lim, heard for the first time in a set played by Flook. This piece is adapted perfectly to the rhythm Reggaeton developed previously. The second song, written by MichaelMcGoldrick, was discovered  by Iain in the first album of One String Loose. The Asturian Way was written by Brian Finnegan, adapted by Iain to fit with the rhythm of Dance and electronics developed by Federico.

Sixth of September ("Blue Gaze" / Brian Finnegan / "6th September" / Iain Marr Alexander & Frederick Melato)

6th September 2004 was the date on which Iain’s father, Robert Gregor Marr, died. Federico and Iain combined a very touching song by Brian Finnegan (Blue Gaze) with an arrangement of self composed melodies. The song was presented for the first time in 6th September 2010. It was the second song created by the duo The SIDH andmarked the real birth of the project.

Charma ("Charma" / Iain Alexander Marr / "Tro Breizh" / Trad)

The idea behind this track was to create a piece that combined Rhythms Hip Hop, Breton melodies, African percussion and Arabian Sounds. Iain wrote the first piece “charmainspired by the north of France and thereafter began the search for songs derived from the Breton tradition. A set of Carlos Nunez was chosen, found in the album “Finisterre” called "Tro Breizh" ("Danzas Macabras"). Charma was presented in various versions, the first of which was presented in the EP.

The Legend of SIDH ("All in One Day" / Grada / "Sora No Hane" / Federico Melato / "The Supernova Reel" / Iain Alexander Marr)

All in One Day is a song composed by the band Gràda, one of the most famous bands in the traditional Celtic music World. Sora No Hane is a beautiful melody composed by Federico. It was written in winter 2010, as a rule in a different key, was then inserted into the set with the idea to create a more "Epic" sound. The Supernova Reel was written by Iain in the same period. It was initially made with the intent of being merged with a basic dancetrack (different from The Legend of SIDH). But as the piece developed its inclusion here was preferred by both boys.

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