The Sidh New

Salvatore Pagliaro



Name: Salvatore

Surname: Pagliaro

Nickname: Sal / Silly Sally 

Music Instrument: Guitars

Date of Birth: 21.02.1982

Favorite Videogame: TecnoCad

Favorite Book: Story of Jazz in 80 days

Like: model aircrafts / build / Poland / Castles / Long Hair

Doesn't Like: trappers / Brossa / Gym / play in tune

Does on Tour: take initiatives / try every possible drink / gaffe

Doesn't on Tour: charge batteries for the guitar

Favorite Food: sushi / 4 salmons rice / panicles

Favorite Music: rock / progressive / electronic / hardcore

Recurring phrases: eh.. / it's hugeee / listen.. i was drunk

Favorite Cit.: "Guitarists are spending half their live tuning guitars... and the other half playing out of tune"