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Federico Melato



Drummer, percussionist and arranger, Federico’s first approach to the world of music came with the bodhràn (Irish drum) and with the Tin whistle (Irish fipple flute) at the age of twelve, especially thanks to his interest in Celtic and Folk music and its tradition.

He is a member of the cultural association Clan della Grande Orsa (Clan of the Great She-Bear) which organizes the music Festival CELTICA, FESTA DI ARTE, MUSICA E CULTURA CELTICA. He has performed with internationally renowned artists such as CARLOS NUNEZ, DAN AR BRAZ and PADDY MOLONEY of CHIEFTAINES and with several foreign and italian bands. He was the percussionist of the band COILBHAN and "MOR ARTH PIPING CREW".

Together with the latter and a repertoire of traditional Celtic music, he hits the stage of important venues such as the Festival Interceltique de Lorient, and performs in Switzerland, Paris, Spain, France, Genoa and Baiardo in the Liguria region, Milan, Biella, Novellara (Rocca dei Gonzaga) and Reggio Emilia, Argenta, Gattinara, Pavone Canavese with italian artist Massimo Giuntini, Bassano del Grappa, Rome and all around the Aosta Valley: Courmayeur, Villeneuve (Trucker’s road bar), Aosta (hospital and Sant’Orso), Sarre, Bard, Pont-St-Martin, Brusson, Fenis, Antey Saint André...).

With the "Mor Arth Piping Crew" he performs with CARLOS NUNEZ and ALAN STIVELL in the heart of Aosta, with CARLOS NUNEZ in Switzerland at the foot of Mount Blanc, in a theater in Monza, in Busto Arsizio and in Lorient in Brittany crossing paths with the Irish band LIAM O’CONNOR. Following a clear Celtic influence he continues his musical journey by joining FLIR, a band from the Aosta region which performs revisited traditional music with a modern twist. He also joins the band "TSINN AILL” and with them he performs in Aosta central square on December 31st 2009 during the new year’s eve celebration "Capodanno in piazza".

In 2007 MOGOL, NUTI, MAGLIANO award Federico a scholarship and he starts attending the music composer course at CET, obtaining a diploma as Light Music Composer. Federico has also performed as percussionist for the "CORPS PHILARMONIQUE" of Chatillon, for the Orchestre d' Harmonie of the Musical Institute of Aosta, for the band "TSANSON DE VEGNE" (traditional music from the Occitane and Alpine region), for the band "LAND OF SMILES" (traditional Irish) and he was also the drummer of the Rock band "VANESSA" from Aosta. In 2008 he goes back to MOGOL’s school with the cooperation of CET professors and specializes in light music, cooperating with teacher and Dean of the school Giuseppe Barbera who is currenlty pianist and composer for the renown singer ARISA.

As the drummer of the punk rock band MMF, in 2009 he makes it thorough regionals of the Italian Wave Love Festival, and in July he plays Livorno sharing the stage with famous artists and special guests such as PLACEBO. He is currently attending the Musical Institute of Aosta perfecting his skills in piano and percussions. He is also a drum teacher for freshmen and offers his expertise to upcoming artists as a composer and arranger.

With the Scottish/Italian from Liguria musician IAIN ALEXANDER MARR he begins in 2010 the project The SIDH, where he takes care of the arrangements, song structure, electronic sounds, piano and percussions. Together with IAIN he cooperates with internationally renown artists such as BARRAGE, DOMINIC SCHOOL GRAHAM, ATHY, CATERINA and ADRIANO SANGINETO, RED HOT CHILLI PIPERS and LINDSEY STIRLING.

In 2012 he records with The SIDH the album "Follow the Flow" at the 2eMMe Studio in Pisa under the guidance of sound designer Marco Bianchi Bandinelli.
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