The Sidh New

Federico Melato



Name: Federico

Surname: Melato 

Nickname: Fede / Feffi / Jefed

Music Instrument: Piano / Percussions

Date of Birth: 04.09.1988

Favorite Videogame: Dark Souls / Worms / Clash Royale / Pokemon Go

Favorite Book: Topolino

Like: Topolino / Videogames / good holidays / Philadelphia

Doesn't Like: Clowns / roller coasters / Sal

Does on Tour: Driving / be angry / play with Nintendo Ds

Doesn't on Tour: take off his instruments from the van

Favorite Food: Haribo / Chips with Resident Evil / Philadelphia

Favorite Music: Tecno / pop / celtic

Recurring phrases: / Hi, I'm mister X, i just wanna tell you that...

Favorite Cit.: "After that, it's done!!"