The Sidh New

Michael Subet



Name: Michael

Surname: Subet

Nickname: Mike / Coso

Music Instrument: Bass

Date of Birth: 18.11.1990

Favorite Videogame: Dark Souls / Clash of Clans

Favorite Book: Master Manual D&D 3.5

Like: Dungeon & Dragons / Magic / Eat / Drink / Girls / Spiders

Doesn't Like: Don't eat / Don't drink / eggs / allergies

Does on Tour: Buy Magic / Have party / getting late

Doesn't on Tour: be angry / be bored / eat eggs / diet / getting on time

Favorite Food: sushi / moscol mule

Favorite Music: drum'n'base / dubstep / ska

Recurring phrases: mmm ok / Polllooooo/ oh.. i lost the game / Hi! i'm mike!

Favorite Cit.: "Stiamo Calmiamoci"