The Sidh New

Michael Subet


Michael Subet was born in Aosta on 18 November 1990.

Most great things happen by chance; and a bit for fun and a bit out of passion, in 2005 Ale, Gilles and Michael from the Aosta Valley decide to form the band “The Crack”.

A name that lies at the beginning of the dream of becoming a musician. Soon after holding a bass borrowed by a friend and playing the first 4 notes of “Smoke on the Water”, the dream started to become reality for Mike, with Ale on the drums and Gilles on vocals and guitar.

With energetic riffs, distorted sounds inspired by Nirvana and by the psychedelic rock of Kyuss and Pink Floyd, the band forms its identity in front its public during their first concert.

Several years later the band splits up as soon as the guitar player quits, and Ale and Mike form the "Frances-K" with two new guitarists, Moc and Max, creating a new alternative style by revolutionizing the old sound and integrating it with the beats and effects of electronic music. In 2008 the band records a demo that allows them to perform on several stages of the Aosta Valley, and take part in the regionals of Italiawave 2011 winning second place.

Driven by the common passion for music, the band funds the Music Does Festival, giving the chance to several groups to perform and meet.

It is indeed during Music Does that Mike meets the duo Federico and Iain aka “The SIDH” at their first show, and fascinated by their revolutionary Celtic-Electronic music, asks them to join the band. A request that doesn’t have to wait long for a positive reply, and from August 2011 Mike becomes a SIDH official member.