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Iain Alexander Marr



CARLOS NUNEZ, HEVIA, BARRAGE, LINDSEY STIRLING, are just few of the numerous artists with whom Iain cooperated and shared stage.

Coming from a family of musicians, Iain Alexander Marr committment to music begins at an early age. He studies several instruments such as Guitar, Drums, Piano and Percussions. At eleven he ventures in the world of Celtic music and begins to study Scottish Bagipipe and Whistles (Irish fipple flute). His career begins with the folk band “RADIO REBELDE”, a young upcoming band formed by his peers in Albenga. The band splits shortly and Iain becomes member of the famous group of Occitan/folk/traditional music "OGGITANI", (Sergio Caputo, Belisario Fauzzi, Roberto Sciacca & Fabrizio Vinciguerra) a solid experienced band, determined to make their music known worldwide. With this band he tours all over the country, performing in Spotorno, Turin and province, and most of northern Italy.

Thanks to OGGITANI, music becomes Iain’s job, and he learns method and the structures required to play in a band. Soon he discovers CELTICA, festival of art, music and Celtic tradition. He joins the Clan della Grande Orsa (Clan of the She-Bear), the cultural association which organizes the event. Thanks to this new opportunity he meets several world renown artists ( Carlos Nunez, Finlay MacDonald, Gràda, Barrage, Mabon, Flook, Dealan, Red Hot Chilli Pipers, etc.) and performs with many of them. Through CELTICA he performs with Carlos Nunez in Sion Switzerland, with DEALAN at CELTICA, with BARRAGE at Saint Pierre in the Aosta Valley Region, with ATHY in Bard (AO), with LINDSEY STIRLING in Bard & CELTICA and many others.

He leaves the band OGGITANI and joins the emerging band, bearer of Irish music, “LAND O’SMYLES” from Emilia Romagna. A large band formed by professional musicians (Gianandrea Guerra, Francesca Guerra, Ermanno Falchi, Enrico Barbieri, Antonio Amodeo and many other).With them he records his first studio album at the Studio di Registrazione Elfo in Emilia Romagna, and tours all around Italy performing in Avellino (NA), Piacenza, Ottone, Bordighera (IM) and other cities. In September 2010 he begins with FEDERICO MELATO the project -The SIDH - .

A project that witness the union of the vast musical experience of both members, and whose foundations lies in the merging of traditional Celtic music with modern beats (Hip Hop, Pop, Dance) and electronic base. On June 3rd The SIDH hold their debut concert as opening act of the renown artist HEVIA, who complimented them by saying “The future is finally here” So begins The SIDH’s journey, leading IAIN and Federico on Celtica’s stages, to the release of their first album “FIANNA”, and to establishing ties and starting cooperation with ATHY- renown harpist from Argentina, DOMINIC GRAHAM SCHOOL of IRISH DANCE, Etc.

In 2011 Salvatore Pagliaro (Guitar) & Michael Subet (Bass) joined the SIDH project and together The SIDH are now playing the most important Festival of art, Music and Celtic tradition in Italy and they recently began cooperating with America’s got Talent finalist Lindsey Stirling. A cooperation that has featured them together on stage several times and that is destined to continue.

Outside of The SIDH Iain is the Italian Bagpiper for the famous artist CARLOS NUNEZ, working with him in major festivals in Italy and sharing the stage with various artists including NIAMH NI CHARRA.

Iain had a MASTER CLASS from Brian Finnegan, probably one of the best Whistler in the world.